Google Cloud Summit 2017

Google Cloud Summit at BIEC - Bangalore on 26 - SEP 2017
The main focus in this Google Cloud Summit is Machine Language and Artificial Intelligence. The sessions were very interesting for the whole day. They show a demo regarding Data Analytics platform. Information about creating a pipeline and features of Google cloud platform. ML Engine always runs to avoid delay and collision in Cloud.  Hike is accelerating with Google cloud. 

Interesting things about Cloud AI. Some key to successful Machine Learning is to use your model or train your own. One of the best and most liked by me in that session is video API. Box-AI is taking over the cloud and some examples regarding Tensor Flow are projected. 

After the first session a tasty lunch for all the participants. I had tasted four country food items [India, America, Spain, China] and I met my friends there in the mean time. Many thing regarding Google and many companies that tie up with google are involved in that event. I got Privacy Sticker and moved to next session.

Next session started with interesting topics like API managment and Multi cloud and Micro Service World. Then about API security. Nowadays digital business are built in APIs (i.e) User -> Application -> Developer -> API. Hybrid and multi cloud world is running now. Micro services are developed to avoid anti-pattern.  APIs are used for key integration, Apgiee provides the API layers for microservices. Well managed APIs are the way to gain cross control and visibility.

In the mean time of this session, again me and my friend go to eat snacks and had coffee. Then after refresing we entered to the session. Google Cloud Storages invloves Cloud SQL, Tableau, looker, icharts.., Kubernetes components are pods and controller. Kubernetes provides Scheduling, Life Cycling and health, Scaling, Naming and discovery, Load Balancing, Storing volumes and Logging/Monitoring. Atlast about Firebase and mobile application development involving google cloud and machine learning. 

One more Interesting thing in the afternoon session is censoring the offensive words while messaging. This day ends with many brouchers, stickers and with interesting informations.

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