FOSS Workshop by Redhat

FOSS Workshop by RedHat at KGISL on 15 & 16 - JULY 2017

    In this open source event i learnt about GitHub and Ansible. On the first day we installed fedora operating system and review information about open source and Red Hat. They gave fedora sticker and original boot-able CD. We joined to the fedora mailing forum. Information about the basics of GitHub and how to use GitHub in Terminal.
Basic commands like 
> git clone <url> 
> git status
> git add .
> git commit -m "<Message>"
> git push origin master

  Creating organisation and uploading files to GitHub. I created an organisation "" Prakash and Vipul said to create digital resume and to upload in GitHub.

On the second day, few uploaded their resume in GitHub. They provide Fedora T-shirts to them. After that concepts of SSH and Ansible are live demonstarted. Then controlling of another laptop vis ip address. Then some informations about public key and its usage.

Session ends well and I booted fedora in my VM machine. I learn some commands in using fedora linux and about Ansible.


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