Beyond B.E - Hi-Devs

“Beyond B.E.” event was organized by HI-Devs club of Hindusthan college of Engineering and Technology and GDG Madurai on March 18, 2017, [6 PM] at Lallkudi Conference Hall, Coimbatore. 

    Some active open source contributors like Seshan, Javid, Regu Cj, Karan, Karthikeyan gave a good information about new innovation and what are the things that happen in GDG, Mozilla and many open sources. Information about IoT gave in that event. Many from electronics department and they are interested in doing something related programming.  I spoke about programming languages and cyber security. Javid and Seshen spoke about IoT, Hacker Rank and how people can contribute to open source. Students from varies colleges participated actively listen to the session. 

 The session ends with cool information and some new contributors are added in TN Developers Group. Some positive and negative feedback about this session motivates to take a better event next time.

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