TensorFlow Submit 2K17

TensorFlow Submit 2K17 by Google Developers Group Madurai

       I have attended a national level seminar on Tensor Flow and other emerging products. That was a day-long summit from GDG Madurai, hosted at NPR College of Engineering and Technology, Natham, Dindigul. 

Event Date - March 4, 2017

Mr.Senthil Kumar was the speaker in that event. I learned about Python used in Artificial Intelligence and something about Neural Networks. I really learnt many from him and connected with new peoples. New technologies and recent trends in AI are played as a video. They showed a real time programming and asked some questions about AI based recent trends and technological developments.

Event ends well and good and one day is not enough to learn all the things. I get their contact details and further continues my contribution in open sources.

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