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Google Cloud Summit 2017

Google Cloud Summit at BIEC - Bangalore on 26 - SEP 2017
The main focus in this Google Cloud Summit is Machine Language and Artificial Intelligence. The sessions were very interesting for the whole day. They show a demo regarding Data Analytics platform. Information about creating a pipeline and features of Google cloud platform. ML Engine always runs to avoid delay and collision in Cloud.  Hike is accelerating with Google cloud. 

Interesting things about Cloud AI. Some key to successful Machine Learning is to use your model or train your own. One of the best and most liked by me in that session is video API. Box-AI is taking over the cloud and some examples regarding Tensor Flow are projected. 

After the first session a tasty lunch for all the participants. I had tasted four country food items [India, America, Spain, China] and I met my friends there in the mean time. Many thing regarding Google and many companies that tie up with google are involved in that event. I got Privacy Sticker and moved to next session.

Next session started with interesting topics like API managment and Multi cloud and Micro Service World. Then about API security. Nowadays digital business are built in APIs (i.e) User -> Application -> Developer -> API. Hybrid and multi cloud world is running now. Micro services are developed to avoid anti-pattern.  APIs are used for key integration, Apgiee provides the API layers for microservices. Well managed APIs are the way to gain cross control and visibility.

In the mean time of this session, again me and my friend go to eat snacks and had coffee. Then after refresing we entered to the session. Google Cloud Storages invloves Cloud SQL, Tableau, looker, icharts.., Kubernetes components are pods and controller. Kubernetes provides Scheduling, Life Cycling and health, Scaling, Naming and discovery, Load Balancing, Storing volumes and Logging/Monitoring. Atlast about Firebase and mobile application development involving google cloud and machine learning. 

One more Interesting thing in the afternoon session is censoring the offensive words while messaging. This day ends with many brouchers, stickers and with interesting informations.

Rajesh D Wednesday, 27 September 2017
FOSS Workshop by Redhat

FOSS Workshop by RedHat at KGISL on 15 & 16 - JULY 2017

    In this open source event i learnt about GitHub and Ansible. On the first day we installed fedora operating system and review information about open source and Red Hat. They gave fedora sticker and original boot-able CD. We joined to the fedora mailing forum. Information about the basics of GitHub and how to use GitHub in Terminal.
Basic commands like 
> git clone <url> 
> git status
> git add .
> git commit -m "<Message>"
> git push origin master

  Creating organisation and uploading files to GitHub. I created an organisation "" Prakash and Vipul said to create digital resume and to upload in GitHub.

On the second day, few uploaded their resume in GitHub. They provide Fedora T-shirts to them. After that concepts of SSH and Ansible are live demonstarted. Then controlling of another laptop vis ip address. Then some informations about public key and its usage.

Session ends well and I booted fedora in my VM machine. I learn some commands in using fedora linux and about Ansible.


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Rajesh D Monday, 17 July 2017
Google IO17
I have participated in IO17. And live keynote at KCT Tech Park, Coimbatore on May 17, 2017, 9:30 PM IST 

    The main theme in this Google I/O is Artificial Intelligence. CEO Sunder Pichai shared some interesting things at the early start of I/O keynote. Like Google drive has 800 million of active users and every day around 500 million Google photos user uploading around 1 billion photos per day.
Google Lens: Google’s computer vision and AI technology make your phone camera more smarter. Point your camera at something and the lens tells you what it is. As Google said about : “ Our mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful, and AI is enabling us to do that in incredible new ways — solving problems for our users, our customers, and the world.”

Cloud TPUs: TPUs deliver up to 180 teraflops of machine learning acceleration. Google’s second-generation Tensor Processing Unit(TPU) is coming to Cloud.

Google Home with proactive assistance: Google just announced Proactive assistance, hands-free calling, free Spotify access, and visual responses along with a few other features coming to Google Home.

Google Assistant: Google’s virtual personal assistant that’s available on devices like the Google Home and Pixel phone, will soon get more conversational. Google expanded Google Assistance on most android devices. Google Assistance now available on iPhone.

Google Actions: Google Actions expand to Android and iPhone. Now the developer can embed the Google Assistant in any device. Actions will support transactions also.

Google Photos and Google Book also released for sharing libraries and creating albums.

I met awesome peoples in that event and ends on May 18, 2017, 1:00 AM IST. At last a happy group photo with GDG Coimbatore in that event with I/O T-Shirt.

Rajesh D Monday, 22 May 2017
Beyond B.E - Hi-Devs
“Beyond B.E.” event was organized by HI-Devs club of Hindusthan college of Engineering and Technology and GDG Madurai on March 18, 2017, [6 PM] at Lallkudi Conference Hall, Coimbatore. 

    Some active open source contributors like Seshan, Javid, Regu Cj, Karan, Karthikeyan gave a good information about new innovation and what are the things that happen in GDG, Mozilla and many open sources. Information about IoT gave in that event. Many from electronics department and they are interested in doing something related programming.  I spoke about programming languages and cyber security. Javid and Seshen spoke about IoT, Hacker Rank and how people can contribute to open source. Students from varies colleges participated actively listen to the session. 

 The session ends with cool information and some new contributors are added in TN Developers Group. Some positive and negative feedback about this session motivates to take a better event next time.

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Rajesh D Sunday, 19 March 2017
Google Cloud Next’17 Extended

Google Cloud Next’17 Extended

TechJini, Bangalore

TechJini hosted “Google Cloud Next’17 Extended” at Bangalore. The event was scheduled on 11th March 2017 and from 10 AM-6 PM.

I gained some knowledge about Machine Learning and Security from the introduction. Then some deep information about AI based Machine Language. It includes Internet communication, User identity, Infra Structure and Customer Focus. In Democratizing AI includes Retail, Media, Finance and Health Care. I just impressed in knowing about Vision API, Video Intelligence API by Google. Something about ImageNet and Google Cloud Kaggle. 

       After Lunch introduction to Advanced Solution Lab and Google Auto. They gave a demo on Google Lab in They said about the trends in API projects and VM instance.
Entering into Google cloud and some basic commands 
Then about Progressive Web App [PWA]. In that Reliable Performance, Push Notification and Home screen icon are missing in PWA and it takes less than 1 sec for loading. Web Payments API includes Credit API and shopping. At last PWA are reliable, fast and engaging. The session end and I got google next T-shirt [Blue colour] and a new friend Punit.



Rajesh D Sunday, 12 March 2017
TensorFlow Submit 2K17

TensorFlow Submit 2K17 by Google Developers Group Madurai

       I have attended a national level seminar on Tensor Flow and other emerging products. That was a day-long summit from GDG Madurai, hosted at NPR College of Engineering and Technology, Natham, Dindigul. 

Event Date - March 4, 2017

Mr.Senthil Kumar was the speaker in that event. I learned about Python used in Artificial Intelligence and something about Neural Networks. I really learnt many from him and connected with new peoples. New technologies and recent trends in AI are played as a video. They showed a real time programming and asked some questions about AI based recent trends and technological developments.

Event ends well and good and one day is not enough to learn all the things. I get their contact details and further continues my contribution in open sources.

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Rajesh D Sunday, 5 March 2017